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Entrance to Palace of Mines and Metallurgy

Entrance to Palace of Mines and Metallurgy

One of the rarely beautiful views at the Exposition is that shown here.  It may be seen from a point near the southern angle of the Palace of Education, looking toward the east.  Mr. Theodore Link designed the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy, and made it one of the most interesting of the great exhibit palaces.  It is 525 by 750 feet in size, and its unique architecture is a singularly successful unification of Egyptian, Greek and Assyrian elements. Decorated obelisks flank the monumental entrances, one of which is seen in the illustration.  The wide, overhanging eaves and the deep portico, give an air of comfort that invites the visitor to a closer inspection of the exhibits within, where in nine acres of space are shown the mineral resources of the world and the mechanical devices for making them available.  The building is surrounded on all sides by scenes and structures of interest -- by the Government Building, the German House, the Sunken Gardens, the Lagoons -- but its beauty is only enhanced by its setting.  It has its own strong individuality to arrest attention.  One may wander at will upon the Exposition grounds, coming at every turn upon a view that seems new because it is different from every other.

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