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Names of the Months in Ten Languages

The following is from the World's Fair Bulletin (St. Louis, Missouri) of July, 1901 in which the reader was encouraged to be prepared for the "perfect babel of languages strange to the ears of our people."

English Spanish Hebrew Turkish Roman
January Enero Tebeth Rebi El Awwel Januarius
February Febrero Shebat Rebi el Accher Februarius
March Marzo Adar Djoum El Awwel Martius
April Abril Nisan Djoum el Accher Aprilis
May Mayo Iyar Redjeb Maius
June Junio Sivan Schaban Junius
July Julio Tamuz Ramadan Julius
August Augusto Ab Schoual Augustus
September Septiembre Ellul Djoul Cadeh September
October Octubre Tishri Djoul Hedjeh October
November Noviembre Heshvan Moharrem November
December Diciembre Kislev Safar December
German French Egyptian Italian Indian
Januar Janvier Amshir Gennajo Chestnut
Februar Fevrier Barmahat Febbraro Walnut
Maerz Mars Barmudeh Marzo Deer
April Avril Bashansh Arile Strawberries
Mai Mai Bawaneh Maggio Small Corn
Juni Juin Abib Giugno Watermelon
Juli Juillet Mesre Luglio Fishes
August Aout Tot Agoste Mullberry
September Septembre Pabeh Settiembre Green Corn
Oktober Octobre Hator Ottobre Turkey
November Novembre Kihak Novembre Buffalo
 Dezember Decembre Tubeh Decembre Bear



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