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Palace of Manufactures

Fourteen acres are included within the four walls of the Palace of Manufactures.  About nine hundred industries are represented in the exhibits.  The several great nations of the world are present with the most interesting character.  Japan occupies an extensive space in the western end of the building.  Germany and France occupy large spaces.  The textile display, from all parts of the United States and from many countries of the world, has a place in this building.  Carpets, tapestries, fabrics for upholstering, the glass and crystal exhibits, the display of modern plumbing equipment, apparatus for heating and ventilation and fixtures for lighting are a part of the exhibits in this vast building.  Among the processes shown are the manufacture of steel pens, paper boxes, shoes and hats.  The art of window dressing is illustrated.  The Palace of Manufactures cost $720,000.  It stands east of the Plaza of St. Louis, north of the Palace of Education and west of the Palace of Liberal Arts.  The Municipal Street lies just north of this building.

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