Welcome to the genealogy section of  WashingtonMO.com. The purpose of this section is for information only and is in no way considered to be authoritative.

Although the information was derived from court, census, marriage, church, cemetery records, tombstones, online social security records and input from numerous individuals over a period of thirty years, it must be remembered that each source has its inherent glitches.  Likewise, the sheer number of records involved and the multiplicity of recordings increases the likelihood of errors.  

Discrepancies between family input and official records were numerous, and often blatant.  Many times, unchecked and reiterated for years, hearsay and/or inaccurate records come to be perceived as truth.  Often, it is difficult to discern which is accurate.   In some instances, only approximations can be made based on census records and other data. 

With the advent of online records, additional sources of error have become apparent - that of misinterpretation of the official records by the transcriber and/or miss-keying of the information.  

I wish to thank the following for their generous input of time and information.  Without their help, this would not be possible.

Ollie Kandlbinder,  Clara Rothmeier, Gladys Klekamp, and Pauline Drone

I welcome corrections, along with supporting data.  


Kathryn Kuenzel


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