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Corner Tower and Entrances, Palace of Electricity

Corner Tower and Entrances, Palace of Electricity

The view here shown is that seen from the Lewis and Clark Bridge, at the southwest corner of the Palace of Electricity, a structure that is one of the architectural triumphs of the Exposition.  In the center of the south facade, at the right of the picture, may be seen one of the great Roman gables, with arched window.  The corner pavilion, reduplicated in each of the other three extremes of the building, rises in pyramidal form, and provides excellent opportunity for sculptural ornamentation.  On the very summit of the pyramid stands the nude figure of Light, holding aloft a star, and at her feet crouch images of Darkness.  The groups lower down represent Wonders of the Lightning and Wonders of the Aurora.  Around the building there extends a Corinthian cornice, with decorative supports for flagstaffs above.  The doors in the corner pavilion are noteworthy, being adapted from the design of an ancient door still existing at Athens.  With the waterways, the fine trees and the green sward, this is one of the best aspects of this noble building, which shelters the evidence of so many triumphs.

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