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Dreams That Come True

"Two gates there are for dreams," said Penelope to Odysseus after his ten years' wanderings had ended. "One made of horn and one of ivory. The dreams that pass through the carved ivory delude and bring us tales that turn to naught, those that can come through polished horn accomplish real things whenever seen."  

~The Odyssey of Homer~

God does not ask that we give up our dreams and aspirations and ambitions . . . Our dreams, in the first place, rise from desires. They are indexes of what in our deep subconscious self we seek and crave. And what a person seeks and craves, other things being equal, is something that is good for him, something which God intended for him to have, provided he can take it in a way that will do no violence to any accepted moral or social code.

Just as the horns which project from the heads of cattle are made and fashioned by God according to the needs of the animals upon which they are placed, so one's soul's sincere desires, are placed in our hearts, are molded, and fashioned there by the hand of God according to our needs. They are prophecies of what one truly should have, should be, and should possess. We should be true to our own honest desires. They are, other things being equal, about the only things we have by which to test our real life purposes.

Pray that you soul's sincere desires, all that you want with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind, and with all of your strength, will be fulfilled in the right way and in the right time. And, pray for whatsoever you truly need to bring into more perfect expression your true destiny.

Place all the desires of your heart in His hand and trust to the in born virtue residing in these laws of the true, the honest, the just, and the pure of intent in your list of desires, and let Him bring them to pass in His own way and in His own time . . . And from deep in your heart, in spirit and in truth, give Him credit for all that you have, all that you do, all that you are, and all that you hope to be.

I have yet to find when a prayer is asked in love, that a door ever closes, but there is a sign upon it, if one can but see it, pointing to a better door further on ahead, nor a road obstructed where there was not another and a better road if we turn to the right . . . For, it is the virtue of prayers that are based upon that which is true, honest, just, pure of intent, lovely, and of good report, to come into fulfillment . . . 

May all your dreams come through polished horn.

(A compilation from the works of Glenn Clark,  
 "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes," 1937,  by Kathryn Kuenzel)

Click here for a complete Glenn Clark bibliography


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