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Washington Past

Franklin county, the tenth county in the state, is officially organized.
Oct 8, 1836
The portion of the present city of Washington was laid out as the town of Bassora by George Morton, William Walker, Baldwin King and Andrew King Jr. on Survey No 2044, in fractional Section 23, Township 44, Range 1 west of the fifth principal meridian. The streets of Bassora running parallel with the Missouri River were Missouri Street, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth. Those running at right angles to the aforementioned were Penn, Henry, Fulton, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock and Boone. The town consisted of 33 blocks, one of which was reserved for a market square, two of which were for a public square, of which Block 23 was a cemetery. Thirteen of the blocks were each divided into 24 lots. the remaining 17 into 20 lots each. for a total of 652 lots.
May 29, 1839
Original town of Washington laid out by Mrs Lucinda Owens. Containing twelve blocks and thirteen fractional blocks, it was divided into 144 lots. The streets running parallel with the Missouri River were Front Street, First (later changed to Main), Second and Third. Those running at right angles to the above were Locust, Walnut, Market, Jefferson and Lafayette. The original town of Washington was located in Section 22, Township 44, Range 1 west. Though the plat was filed on May 29, 1839 and was recorded on October 1, 1858.
Mar 2, 1842
Mense’s addition made on March 2, 1842 lies above the original town and on the Missouri River banks. Front and Main Streets extend through it and Second Street bounds it on the southwest; Oak, Elm and Cedar Streets extend through this addition at right angles . It consisted of twelve blocks, numbered 26 through 37.
Jul 5, 1850

Mary A North’s addition, July 5, 1850, lies southwest of the original town and extends to Fifth Street.
Oct 16, 1850
Elijah McLean’s addition lies above the Mill tract, north of Main Street and east of Stafford Street. It contained three block consisting of twenty-two lots.
May 8, 1856
John D Stephenson’s addition lies on the northeast corner of Stafford and St. John Street and contained two blocks divided into thirteen lots.
Jul 10, 1856
Schmidt’s addition lies west of Dubois Street and contained twelve lots.
Jan 8, 1857
Stumpe’s addition lies east of Dubois Street and contained twenty-two lots.
Mar 24, 1860
Murphy’s addition 
Nov 28, 1866
Murphy’s second addition
Apr 9, 1863
Owens’ addition lies between the original town of Washington and Bassora. Siegel Avenue runs through this addition and connects Second Street in Bassora with Third Street in Washington.
Jan 22, 1867
Walkenhorst’s addition.
Dec 18, 1867
Menkhan’s addition, and Lack’s addition made shortly there after.
Jan 2, 1871
Freyschlag’s addition to Bassora, containing seven lots.


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