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Genealogical Resources
Washington, Missouri Area Cemetery Records
Franklin County Maps and Land Records

German Resources

Immigration and ShipRecords
Missouri Resources

Genealogy Search Sites

Census and
Social Security Records
A Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets of Missouri
German Genealogical Links
Cemetery Records
Missouri Birth and Death Records Database
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri - Full listing
Cemetery Search  This is fantastic!  Grave Search - Non-Famous
Find A Grave - Missouri - Search by name or location
Find a Grave - World Geographic search
Missouri County Cemeteries At A Glance
Missouri Cemeteries - various counties
Missouri Cemeteries - Location of cemeteries by name. Some with listings.
Missouri Cemeteries Mailing List
Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources

Cemeteries of Missouri - Ten top sites

Cemeteries in Missouri  
Missouri Cemeteries
St. Louis Area Cemeteries

Missouri Obituary Links

St. Louis Obituary Index


Early (pre 1900) St. Louis Places of Worship
Catholic Research in the St. Louis, Missouri Area
Catholic Parish Jubilee Histories
Missouri Parish Histories (University of Notre Dame)
St. Louis, Missouri Catholic Cemetery Search
Index of St. Louis, Missouri Lutheran Church Records
Genealogy in St. Louis
St. Louis County Library
St. Louis Naturalization Index
Missouri Marriages
Missouri County Maps for 1821 and 1833 - explains division of counties.
1895 Missouri Atlas
Books on Missouri, German Immigrants and the Immigrant Experience
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors - Search Engine  EXCELLENT
26th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment
1830 Missouri Census
1840 Missouri Census
1850 Missouri Census
1850 Missouri Slave Schedules

Organization of Counties

Missouri Counties and Post Offices (Past and present post office locations)
Missouri Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Missouri State Archives County Microfilm Listing - Order information and listing of counties.

Description of Record Series Handy guide of source government records.

Family and Community History  Information on where to find historical sources and records in Missouri.  Includes listing of micro-fiche available on each of the 114 counties.

A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri - by William S Bryan and Robert Rose, 1876 (selections from)

Missouri Historical Society
Missouri State Genealogical Society
State Historical Society of Missouri
St. Charles Historical Society
St. Louis Historical Society
Online Missouri Death Index

Genealogy in St. Louis  

Missouri Funeral Homes
Census Records - various counties
Vital Records - where to write
Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy
General Missouri History, Genealogy and Directory Links
Catholic Research in the St. Louis, Missouri Area
United Methodist Church Directory - Missouri 
Missouri Migrations

Pitzman's Map of the County of St. Louis, Mo. Published After October, 1868

Western Historical Manuscript Collection
Missouri Resources at RootsWeb
Missouri GenWeb
Missouri at RootsWeb
RootsWeb General Search
RootsWeb Meta Search
Roots-L Resources for Missouri
Missouri American History and Genealogy Project
Missouri Pioneers
Missouri Poorhouse History
GenealogyToday Missouri
Library of Congress - Search Library


Resources for Researching German Genealogy

The Digital Library
German-Prussian Genealogy Links
soc.genealogy.surnames.* newsgroups
German Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Internet Sources of German Genealogy
Online German Emigration Databases

Archives in Germany

Finding Passenger Lists 1820 to the 1940s
German Emigration Indices and Literature
German Telephone Book
Saxon Genealogy
Information on Records of Passenger Arrivals at the Port of New Orleans

German-English On-line Dictionary

German Americana  

Internet Sources of German Genealogy - Excellent Resource
German Databases - Many of the links are no longer functional.  Schroeder

The German Americans - An Ethnic Experience (an on-line book)

German Achievements in America -  Excellent historical background

German Genealogy Home Page  - The Number One Source on German Genealogy 

German Genealogy: Regional Research -" For the purpose of genealogical research--and only for this purpose--the term "Germany" when applied to an event occurring prior to 1945 refers to the area within the boundaries of the German Empire as established in 1871"  

German Dialects

German Genealogy: Emigration from Germany to America  

German Genealogy: Guide to Libraries On-line

CenEuro Gen Web 

The history of the emigration from the former Amt Damme (Oldbg) ., particularly to North America, within the years 1830 -- 1880, written by Johannes Ostendorf
Holding Libraries for Germans to America : Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports 1850-1893

German and American Sources for German Emigration to America - by Michael P. Palmer

Research Center Lower Saxons in the USA  

Germany GenWeb Project

Federation of East European Family History Societies

Genealogy Net  - Comprehensive information about all aspects of German genealogy: 

GEOserve - a German town locator
German Illness Translations
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia

German Genealogy - Tips

For the Fun of It

The Telephone Book of Germany - Read usage agreement

German-American Songbook


Maps and Land Records

Karten / Maps - Universitat Oldenburg, Germany - European and American maps from 1815 to 1918.

FEEFHS MAP ROOM - Federation of East European Family History Societies - Background and MAP INDEX - Outstanding maps!  :-)

FEEFHS Web Site - Master Index Page

Historic Maps

1895 US Atlas  - Missouri - County Maps - Fantastic detail!  :-)  Takes time to load.  The county maps are smaller sections of the large state map.  They show towns and roads, but not land owners.

Geographic Names Information System - contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States

US Census Bureau - Gazetteer - Digital Mapping Service 

Bureau of Land Management Land Title Information  

The Official Land Patent Records Site - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site provides live database access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States.

Bureau Of Land Management - General Land Office Records - Search for Land Grants

Land Patents and Certificates - Explains process of obtaining land patents


Census and Social Security Records

The US-GenWeb Census Project - 2.5 gigs of transcribed census data on-line
US Census Help and Links 

Social Security Death Index Search

Genealogy Indexes & Databases on the Internet
Online Searchable Military Databases
What information was taken during a census year?  The information requested varied from census to census.  A listing of information on Census records from 1790 to 1920.  Also has printable blank census forms. 
Details about information found in census records.


Immigration and Ship Records

German and Swiss to America
Passenger Lists on the Internet
Transcribed Ships Manifests Departing from Bremen and Bremerhaven, Germany
Cyndi's List Ships & Passenger Lists

Finding Passenger Lists 1820 to the 1940s arrivals at US ports from Europe

Ellis Island Passenger Search
Immigration, Naturalization, Passenger Lists and Ships
Emigration Port Hamburg - Excellent informational site!!!
Emigration / Ship Lists and Resources
Ship Information - Passenger lists from early ships.

The Library of Congress - Local History and Genealogy Reading Room Immigrant Arrivals 

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Search Passenger Lists

What Passenger Lists Are Online
Galveston Immigration Database
The USGenWeb Project Louisiana Archives Index Orleans Parish  - Ships and passenger lists, primarily from Italy and Sicily.
Ports of Entry  

List of Ships & Passenger Lists  Tony Cimorelli's Searchable Database of Ship Arrivals Soundex Search for names  - Extensive resource  Contains the complete Morton Allan Directory of Ship Arrivals

The Ship's List

Emigration / Ship Lists and Resources

Immigration Arrival Records  

Immigration and Ships Passenger Lists
Immigrant and Passanger Arrivals  

The Immigration Experience  

Immigration and Naturalization Services - History, Genealogy and Education

Ships, Passenger and Crew Lists
Ships and Passenger Lists


Genealogy Search Sites & Links

Free Genealogy Queries
The Soundex Indexing System
The Genealogy Home Page
Online Phone Books
United States Town/County Database -- Interactive Search - Type in the name of the town and the state for a listing of the county. If the state is not known,
Vital Records Information - United States - Information about where to obtain vital records (such as birth, death & marriage certificates and divorce decrees) from each state, territory and county of the United States
Genealogy Search List
Top 100 Worldwide Genealogical Sites  
Distant Cousins
Surnames - Links 
My Trees 
National Archives and Records Administration 

The Genealogy Page    

The LDS FamilySearch On-line  ~  

Genealogy Gateway -  

Ancestry.com - Search for ancestors in over 500,000,000 records 

DistantCousins.com - The comprehensive genealogy site with over 9,000 pages consisting of tens of thousands of surnames, thousands of ships passenger lists, U.S. census records, Thousands of genealogical queries (please add yours!), and much more

Ancestry Corner Genealogy Community

Surname Web

The Genealogy Search Center Search through almost 2 BILLION records!
Ancestral Findings   Endless links; now has search engine.
Cemetery Records Online   Cemetery, obituary and other links
Genealogy Toolbox 
Ultimate Family Tree



Freebies for Genealogists  




Biographical Sketches

A Capsule Geneology of Missouri
An Historical Sketch of Franklin County
History of Washington
Missouri Highways 1858
Washington Past

Washington, MO 
1869 - Map

Whence They Came
German Genealogy Links

Historical Links

 1855 - 1996
Washington Genealogical Links
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