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Among the prominent farmers and early German settlers who have manifested enterprise in connection with the genius of un American civilization, Mr. Busch's name deserves a place. He is a native of Prussia, where he was born October 26th, 1841. He arrived with his parents at New York, on his birthday, in 1835. The same year the family safely arrived in this county, where they immediately located permanently. Being the only son, Mr. Busch remained with his father during his natural life time, which was only terminated in 1876. His mother departed this life in 1863, and was a lady of great merit and fine accomplishments. Mr. Busch assisted to improve the farm (the old homestead of his parents), on which he yet lives, and which everywhere bears the evidences of superior management and thorough system. With the additions made, since it passed into his exclusive jurisdiction, it embraces 500 acres, and as a wheat farm is unsurpassed in the county. Here is also found some of the finest stock in the country, on which the proprietor has taken any number of premiums at the county fairs.

Though a money maker he does not hoard, but spends his funds freely in making improvements; and in the education and accomplishment of his children and the refinement and social standing of his family, would put many Americans to the blush, on comparison.

He has brought the grape culture to almost a state of perfection, and his cellars are filled with fine wines that will compare with those produced in the south of France. He was married in 1848 to Miss Paulina, the accomplished daughter of Frederick Muench, well known in political and scientific circles as a brilliant writer, and who was twice states state senator in the general assembly of Missouri. Mr. Muench came out from Germany in 1834, crossed the Allegheny mountains with a six- horse team, drove all the way to Missouri, and settled in Warren county.  

Mr. Bush's father, Geo. L. Busch, was a native of the kingdom of Hanover, where he was married to Miss Marienne Schwallenberg. They raised only two children. The daughter married and died in this county some twenty-four years ago.   

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