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Among the tasty and systematic farmers of the county, Mr. Wood' name deserves honorable mention.  He has, in the opinion of the historian, the handsomest country residence in the county, which commands an extensive view of the surrounding country; and has generously placed a half-page drawing of his premises among our embellishments to which the reader's attention is invited. His farm is a model of neat ness and thrift, and contains a splendid orchard of ten acres in apples and peaches, besides a great variety of the smaller fruits; and fine blooded stock further indicates the enterprise and intelligence elsewhere conspicuous.

Mr. Wood was born in Louisa county, Virginia, August 26th, 1827, and arrived with his parents, Thomas and Louisa J. (the daughter of Stephen Gooch) Wood, in this county in 1831. He was raised on his father's farm (now owned by David Wood, another son) and received in youth a moderate education. He was married February 19th, 1859 the object of his choice being Miss Martha E., the daughter of James and Lydia Murdock, of St. Charles county. Mrs. Wood's mother was the daughter of Philip Bell, a pioneer of Franklin; her grandfather, Alexander Murdock, was a pioneer of St. Charles county, who moved there from Kentucky. They have two children: a little son and an infant daughter. They are both members of the " Christian " Church, and have a home which, in refinement and attraction, will compare with any of the country. And when we consider that all these improvements have been built up since 1860, the year that Mr. Wood took possession of this farm, due credit should be given them for their perseverance and industry.

In respect to the history of the Wood family, we have been enabled to collect the following facts: The more remote ancestry came from Scotland, and settled, at a very early date, in the colony of Virginia. Mr. Wood's grandfather served as a soldier in the Revolutionary army, and afterwards married Sarah Hall, when he located in Louisa county, where they both died after raising a large family. There Thomas, already mentioned, was born, raised and married. He served his country as a soldier in our last war with Great Britain, was in all respects a patriotic and useful citizen. He and his lady both early connected themselves with the Baptist Church, and continued to evince the sincerity of the Christian faith till removed from the sphere of life by death.  He made some money in Virginia, and, after becoming a citizen of this county, became one of our wealthiest and most respected citizens, and is still remembered as such by many in the county.

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