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  The subject of this sketch was born in Clark county, July 18th, 1804. In 1810, the family moved to Missouri, and located three miles north of Boonville, in Howard county. They remained there during the troubles growing out of the war of 1812, most of the time forted against the Indians. In 1815, they moved to Bonhommie bottom, St. Louis county. In 1816, they returned to Howard county, and located a mile above Old Franklin, in the Missouri river bottom. There the doctor's father died, in 1818, and he remained on the farm as a work hand .till 1820, when he went to Warren county and studied medicine four years with Dr. John Jones, formerly of Kentucky. June 15th, 1824, he located at New Port, then the county seat of this county, and  began the practice of medicine. In 1830, he was elected to the legislature, on the Whig ticket, and was the youngest member of the general assembly ever elected, up to that date.

In 1831, he was united in marriage to Judith W., the relict of Pres ton G, Rule, and the daughter of Judge John Staunton, of this county. Immediately afterwards he settled in Union where he remained, employed in his professional duties and in merchandising till 1839, when, on Christmas Day, he settled at his present homestead on the banks of the Missouri, and now included within the city limits of Washington.

May 9th, 1855, his wife died at this place.

August the 11th, 1856, he was again married, to Miss Mary C. Stafford, the accomplished daughter of Rev. James Stafford, of Illinois, a union blessed with seven children, four of whom are yet living. This lady died November 2d, 1871 , since which, the doctor has remained a widower.

As a .physician, the doctor was successful during a period of twenty- six years in this county. He retired from professional life in 1850, and has since employed his time in conducting his farm, now lying principally within the suburbs of the city. In 1853, he united with the Presbyterian Church, in the communion of which, died his two excel lent companions. He has contributed liberally with his means toward building up his congregation, and in sustaining its ministry, having, with little help from other sources, kept it supplied with pastoral aid from its organization.

He has accumulated a handsome fortune, and, what is better still, has lived without reproach among his fellow citizens. His father, David, was a native of North Carolina. Leaving his kin dred early, he migrated to Kentucky, and located in Clark county at an early day.  There he was married to the doctor's mother, Leonora Oldham. He there also joined the Baptist Church and was ordained to the ministry. The year following his settlement in Howard county, he, in connection with William Tharp, another Baptist minister, organized the old Mount Pleasant Church, the first Protestant congregation esta- blished west of St. Charles. From two marriages, he raised twelve children. William was killed by the Indians. Three of the first family— the doctor; Ephraim, of Saline county ; and Matilda, the widow of Augustus Bleumner, of Union—still survive. Two of the second are also living, and are now residents of Howard county.

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