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(Dealer in General Merchandise, Concord Hill).

Among the old and reliable business men of this part of the county
is the subject of the present sketch, Mr. Eckelcamp, who has been
engaged in business at Concord Hill for the lust thirty years. The
little means on which he began business at Concord Hill he saved up
from the returns or products of his own industry. Opening with a
Small stock of goods, at the very beginning he made it his motto, to
which he permitted no exceptions, to deal fairly with every one, to
give each of his customers the full worth of the money paid for what
was bought, to sell honest goods, and to treat every one with respect
and in an accommodating manner. The result was, and is, that his
house soon became a popular place to trade for the community, and
soon became thoroughly established in the confidence of the public.
For years it has retained the character for fair dealing which it early
acquired, and there are now a large part of Mr. Eckelcamp's customers
who have been dealing with him for a generation. He carries a large
stock of dry goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps, notions, furnish-
ing goods, groceries, queen's-ware, etc., etc. Mr. Eckelcamp is from
Germany to this country, born in 1830. His father, Henry Eckel-
camp, was a farmer by occupation, and was accidently killed while
Joseph, his son, the subject of this sketch, was still in infancy. He
was at a house-raising in his neighborhood in Germany, and was struck
by a falling log from the top of the wall, which resulted in his death a
short time afterwards. Mr. Eckelcamp's mother, who was left a
widow with several children by her husband's death, was a Miss Eliza-
beth Schaupaut, before her murriage, and died in Germany in about
1842. Joseph Eckelcamp, being thus left an orphan while yet in boy-
hood, had of course not the best opportunities to qualify himself for
business life as he grew up, and the education he received he acquired
largely by his own desire for knowledge and application to study.
When about 13 years of age he came to America with an older brother
and two sisters, who located in St. Louis. There our subject grew
up, and while yet a youth obtained a situation in agrocery store where
He became a clerk, and continued clerking for some twelve years. In
1854 he came to Concord Hill, and has been here ever since engaged' 
in business. The same year that he engaged in business at this place,
Mr. Eckelcamp was married to Miss Elizabeth Nanber, a daughter of
Bernard Nauber, formerly of Germany, and among the first settlers
of Warren county. Mr. and Mrs. Eckelcamp have had three children,
two of whom are living: Louis, who married Miss Lizzie Glosemeyer,
and Mary, the wife of Henry Schaefer.

History of Warren County, p 1038


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