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(Farmer, Post-office, Dutzow).

Mr. Dickhaus comes of an ancient German family, one whose lineage
traces back to the tribal days of Germany, when the people generally
lived in block houses. His family took its name from an unusually
large block house in which they lived in those days, the name
" Dickhaus " in German meaning blockhouse in English. Mr. Dick-
haus' father was Herman Dickhaus, Sr., formerly of Hanover, Ger-
many, but later of Warren county, Mo. The mother was a Miss
Elizabeth Kuehne, also of Hanover, Germany. They were married
in their native country, and Hermnn, Jr., the fourth in their family
of nine children, was born at Hanover, October 14. 1829. In 1835
they came to America and located in St. Charles county. In a short
time they removed to Warren county where the father became a suc-
cessful farmer. When he landed at New Orleans, on coming to
America, his full stock of worldly wealth amounted to five German
 thalers. But he was a man of industry, frugality and sturdy intelli-.
gence, and in this country he accumulated property with steady and 
substantial strides. He became one of the well-to-do and highly re-
spected citizens of Warren county.  The old-fashioned German hos-
pitality of his home was remarked by all who passed his way. None
Enjoyed the society of their friends more than he, and none treated
them more generously and neighborly. He died at his comfortable
homestead in this county, surrounded by his family and a large circle
of friends, on the 8th of July, 1884. His loss was profoundly; and
widely mourned, notwithstanding he had reached the advanced age of
84. Herman Dickhaus, Jr., was reared in the county and received a
common-school education. In 1854 he was married to Miss Agnes
Macke, a daughter of H. H. and Agnes Macke, formerly of Germany.
Two children are the fruits of this union, Frederic and Johannes,
the former the wife of Heinrich Hudstedde, and the latter the wife of
Wilhelm Kraener—the first of Pike county, and second of Lafayette
county. Mr. Dickhaus' first wife died in 1859, and he was afterwards
married to Miss Karolinc Willenbrink, a daughter of Arnold Willen-
brink, of St. Charles county. They have five children: Louise, Vin-
cent, Clare, Heinrich and Marie. Mr. and Mrs. Dickhaus are residing
on their farm in Warren county. Mr. Dickhaus improved this place
years ago, and it is one of the handsome homesteads of the vicinity.
The residence is a fine two-story building, and he has a splendid 
orchard on his place.

History of Warren County, p 1036-1037


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