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(Judge of the County Court and Farmer, Post-office, Dntzow.

A well-known and prominent citizen of Warren County, Judge Dick-
haus commands to more than an ordinary degree for a man in public
life the confidence and esteem of men of both political parties, and,
indeed, of all parties and of every class. He was reared in this county,
and has therefore been known to its people from boyhood. Well
known as he is, it is not too much to say that no man in the county
stands with less reproach in public opinion ; in fact, more irreproach-
able than he. His regular pursuit is farming, and by industry and the
good judgment, which is one of the most marked characteristics he
has, succeeded in placing himself in comfortable circumstances. He
was born in St. Charles county, August 24, 1840, and in 1849 his
parents removed to Warren county. His father, John H. Dickhaus,
born in Oldenburg, Germany, June 22, 1795, was a gallant soldier in
the German army during the Napoleonic wars, and was at the siege of
Moscow and the battle of Waterloo. He was subsequently married
in Germany to Miss Elizabeth Kopmann, and 1831 he immigrated to
the United States with his family and located in Kentucky. Three
years afterwards he came to St. Charles county, Mo., where he en-
gaged in merchandising, and in 1849 he came to Warren county and
settled on a farm. He was a shoemaker by trade, and followed that
in connection with other pursuits for many years. He died here in
1874. Judge Dickhaus was reared on the farm in this county, and
in 1866 was married to Miss Louisa Lange, a daughter of Fritz Lange,
formerly of Germany. The Judge and Mrs. Dickhaus have been blessed
with eight children, six of whom are living: Rose, Clemens, Louis,
Olivia, Emma and Mathilde. The Judge, who had previously served
as justice of the peace, was elected an associate judge of the county
court in 1882, and is now serving in that capacity.

History of Warren County, p 1037-1038


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